Trade Show Success

Work Shop Description:

Many trade associations spend enormous time and effort organizing and staffing a trade show. Yet surprisingly, many attendees in post-show surveys found the show "disappointing" and the sponsors upset that sales were "sluggish" or lower than expected.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

The following topics will be discussed in detail:

Increasing Sales by Avoiding the Common Mistakes and Overcoming Sales Resistance

Negotiating Location on the trade floor

What to display and what to give away

"Selling" free information

How to obtain free publicity

Trade Show "Specials"

Getting Your Message Across

Target Audience:

Managers, sales force personnel, brand managers, authors, inventors, experts, accountants, business developers, trade associations, and chambers of commerce. Anyone or any business buying or selling at a trade show.

Course materials:

Power point presentation

Presentation Method:

Power point driven dynamic live interactive lecture.

Length of Workshop:

Lecture is one hour Workshop is the one hour lecture followed by smaller coaching sessions.

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