Represent Yourself in Court

Work Shop Description:

Certain cases are cost prohibitive for an attorney's involvement. There are certain cases that attorneys may not want. Maybe you simply do not have the money to finance a litigation.

This workshop will cover the special challenges that pro-se (a Latin phrase used in Court meaning "For Himself") litigants face and will detail strategies to even the playing field. Remember David did beat Goliath and so can you!

Expected Learning Outcomes:

The audience will learn how to work the system so they will not lose on procedural technicalities. Additionally, the proper form of presenting issues, facts and arguments to a Court will be detailed. Last, the minefield of appellate issues will be mapped out so that appellate rights are not lost due to oversight. We will also discuss when it is imperative to obtain a lawyer and in those situations, how to defray those costs.

Target Audience:

Anyone forced into the quagmire of litigation. This course is exceptionally well suited for the following Courts: small claims, family, consumer affairs (or Courts where you can sue a contractor for not building your home properly or running off with the money - or abandoning the job before completion), and cases not involving juries.

Course materials:

Power point presentation

Presentation Method:

Power point driven dynamic live interactive lecture. Can also be a hands on workshop to train small groups on how to act in Court - what to say and what to do.

Length of Workshop:

Lecture is one hour or more depending on the needs of the audience and the types of cases to be discussed.

Workshop is a one hour lecture followed by smaller coaching sessions. These sessions will depend on the size of the groups but range from one hour to a half-day.

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