Why Websites Fail

The Internet is essentially endless. How can you create a website that succeeds in a crowded market? What are the mistakes that many business owners make when it comes to building and maintaining a website. What content do you need to provide that motivates visitors to return? How do you convert a voyeur into a buyer?


Business premise - what exactly are you selling?

Website Clutter - is your message clear?

The eight second rule

Providing Information of Value and selling items with free bonuses and "extras"

Being a resource without giving away the store

Downloads and Bandwith

Why you need publicity even with great Google rankings

How does Google (and other search engines) decide your relevance

Number one today but...

Why doing it yourself may be a disaster

Creating a Professional Image

Brochure Sites vs. Transaction Sites

Using Amazon and other sites to do the selling for you

The legal and marketing issues in choosing a domain name

"Owning the market" on the first date of launch

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