Starting a Business


There is nothing more exciting than starting your own business and reaping the financial rewards of your hard work (and great ideas).

Many of the businesses that I represent are family-owned businesses. There are many critical issues to analyze when creating a new business. There are different issues to ask when you are buying an existing business.

The questions you need to ask include:

How do I negotiate a lease or otherwise obtain office space?

What must I spend money on now and what can wait?

How can I avoid wasting time, money and opportunity?

What are the legal pitfalls I need to know before I get started?

Most importantly, how will I get paid for my product or services?


Answer: To get started you should hire a great CPA who can help guide you through all the tax issues, an important part of business reality. The next professional to talk to is an attorney.

This highly demanded course is taught by Richard Solomon at C.W. Post College, and at Georgetown Law School to third year law students as a guest lecture. Numerous businesses in New York request this course in one-on-one sessions or with a small group of potential business investors.

Topics include:

Assessing the competition

Are you just another bagel store?

Creating a unique business name and identity

Obtaining a web address and building a dynamic website

The business alphabet: LLC, LLP, Inc. Corp. Ltd, FLP, Sub S and "C"

When is it time to incorporate? (hint: almost never in December)

Insurance, a necessity not a luxury

Staffing a business and background checks

Disgruntled employees and turnover

Trade Secrets

Business Records

Successfully marketing your business

Advertising v. Publicity -- knowing the monetary difference

How to hire a business lawyer and manage the costs

Taxes aplenty

Licensing and other regulatory issues.

For those in NYC: ECB, DOB, DOT, and other hassles

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