Thank you for inviting me to offer a 3-hour seminar/ presentation on [name of presentation] to members attending the [name of group] on the morning of [day of the week plus date] (starting time to ending time) in [name of location].


     My fee for this seminar is [insert amount]


     To secure the date, payment of the fee (made payable to Small Business Rescue, Inc.), is due no later than [date].  The Federal ID # for Small Business Rescue, Inc. is (intentionally omitted since this is published on the internet but will be provided privately).  Thank you for ensuring that payment is made out to Small Business Rescue, Inc. and not to me personally.  


     Please print two copies of this agreement and send them to me with the payment.  I will sign and return one to you for your files.   Send the signed agreement letter and payment to:


Richard A. Solomon CEO

Small Business Rescue, Inc.

(direct address to be provided)



     In the extremely unlikely event that I am unable to present through my own fault, I will refund the payment in full and assist your association in finding another speaker.


     I will need the following aids, to be provided for by your association for my session:


1 Wireless lavaliere microphone for me;


2 1-3 wireless handheld microphones for the audience (depending on the audience size);



3 1-2 volunteers to assist with taking questions from the audience throughout the speech


4 Data projector for laptop PC;



5 Screen


6 Laser pointer; and


7 Laptop with power point software as I will be bringing my presentation on a USB memory stick.



     Thank you for reserving a hotel room for [insert ] night.


     If the session is satisfactory, [name of group] agrees to mail me a testimonial letter typed on society letterhead within 14 days of the speaking engagement.


     Audio or video taping of my session is not permitted by any audience member without my expressed written consent. I will be taping the event but will not be recording anyone's image.


      I will be happy to provide a photograph for publicity purposes, a written introduction, and any other information you may need.  


     The laws of New York State, and its jurisdiction,  govern this agreement.  



Best wishes.  I look forward to a lively session!






Richard A. Solomon








Date of signature________________